In Israel, at any event or in an amusement park, Water Park, hotel, trampoline activity, rope adventure park and more, Once In A Lifetime Pic is there to capture, film, and share the best, most exciting, boldest, most experiential moments, and turn them into memories.

The systems can associate any image or video with a customer using a dedicated bar-code, smart card, or smart bracelet.

The customer has access to the same memories via email or application, which makes them quick and easy to purchase.

Those recorded moments, pictures and movies, become a tools for the activity parks to generate additional income, to engage visitors and can be used for advertising and marketing opportunities.

Visitors have the opportunity to create more memories, share them with friends and family on social networks, WhatsApp and more, and of course to reminisce and visit to these places again.

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Once In A Lifetime Pic works in collaboration with the best companies and technology worldwide, all with the purpose of creating the right and ultimate solution to benefit the park and its visitors.

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